Hi and welcome!

I’m Charlie. This blog is meant as a place for me to think out loud, ponder with friends, and build an archive of personal knowledge.

If you’re curious about the conceptual underpinnings of this blog, check out my note about the phenomenon of Digital Gardens. The basic gist is:

  • notes are not organized chronologically
  • many of the notes you find may be incomplete
  • you can use links within the notes to navigate to other notes

If you’re looking for a specific (or a non-specific) note, check below:

Map of the garden so far:


Notes I’ve worked on recently:

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Link Library - May 17
Word Magic - May 17
Law of Reversed Effort - May 17
Platonically Pursue People - May 17
Humanuals/READMEs/Self-Story - May 17
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